Alex Mason, Jackson Reed & Ray Diesel

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Take two straight dudes, sitting around on a Saturday afternoon, have their “bestie” girlfriends go to Vegas for a bachelorette party, and you know something’s gonna go down. Especially when the buddies — Jackson Reed and Alex Mason — get horny. They’re bored with the sports, so they’ve turned to porn…which turns into a “JO session”. What Alex hasn’t told Jackson as they’re beating their meat is a third dude is on the way over! His name is Ray, and the last time Alex’s girlfriend was out of town, and Alex was horny, he ended up at a dirty bookstore. In the video arcade section. One word: “gloryhole”. Well, Alex and Ray have been “buddies” ever since, and that’s all good with Jackson. It doesn’t take long for Jackson and Alex to start working on Ray’s big, black dick! Their puckered “man pussies” are hungry, too! Ray opens both lads up to their max before blowing his thick, creamy load over both “bois”…before they spray their jizz everywhere. Talk about a fun Saturday afternoon!