Jay Dymel, Knockout and Leon Redd

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Jay Dymel is a professional trainer. He works long, hard hours on his body, and he loves it so much, Jay got a license to help others achieve their goals in the gym! Today he’s got an initial consultation with two men. They’re handsome and black, and since Jay has never experienced “BBC”, he’s having a difficult time focusing on the workout. Jay is secretly checking out their packages…cause we all know black men are well-endowed! Sure enough, Jay goes from a “how-to” on the proper form for working biceps to a “how-to” on his cock sucking skills. The Bulls are amazed at Jay’s deep throat, as neither has experienced a man with a no-gag reflex!! Soon, the Bulls are opening up Jay’s accommodating asshole, right on the bench press! Jay does some riding, too, before the Bulls spray their ample seed all over Jay’s blonde face! He’s literally coated in what could only be described as massive “pop shots”! And guess what? Looks like their first workout — and Jay’s first sexual experience with black men — is a terrific success!